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My name is Alejandro Cordovi and I am a Creative Director based in Toronto. My passion is fuelled by giving shape to ideas and creating visual metaphors that communicate specific messages, while balancing the artistic design and marketing objectives.

My work is reflected in visual identities and logos, websites, online and print advertising, sales collateral, brochures and conference signage. My professional career began in 2005 and spans globally across the Caribbean, Europe and North America.

I speak English and Spanish fluently and have embodied design as a way of life both personally, and professionally in the three countries where I have resided.


I believe that the best results come from the ability to wear many hats. My collaborations with local and international clients have produced strong business results and award-winning designs. I thrive in a collaborative environment that facilitates involvement in all aspects of production, shifting roles if necessary to ensure client goals are met.

Ultimately through my passion for detail, typography, shapes and colours I intend to create solid pieces of communication that deliver a tangible outcome.